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Buying & Selling a House with Code Violations

It is not easy to buy and sell home with Code Violations but you can try. However, the most important thing in any home sale is to make sure that it is clean and that all relevant information is present. This will give the buyer a fair chance of buying the house but if there are any discrepancies, then it will be difficult for the house to get sold.

If you are a new seller, then it is advisable to hire the Real Estate Solutions Company to help you with this. This will mean that you need to pay a commission for your services. This fee is necessary because you will get a lot of information from us on the condition of the house. Once you know about the condition of the house, then you will be able to tell if the home is ready to go to the market.

However, we are only one part of the picture. You have to put in lots of effort to sell the house with Codes. There are many things that you have to do. The first thing that we consider is that you have to ensure that you are giving a fair price to the prospective buyer. We make sure there are discrepancies between the price that you have stated and the price that the buyer has agreed to pay, if any, then it is important to notify us before we close the deal. In fact, you should also be in touch with the buyer.

There are different methods that you can use to contact the buyer. We at Real Estate Solutions Company, make sure that we follow the best approach that gets you more number of leads. The reason for this is that the buyers will expect to be informed about the price before the deal is closed. If they find that the price is not mentioned in the contract, then they will not get satisfied.

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What To Do In Order To Avoid Code Violations In The Future

To avoid Code Violations in the future, it is important that you keep the house in proper shape. This can be done by regularly cleaning and maintaining the house. By doing so, you will get rid of any kind of hurdles and problems that may arise later. Also, you should repair the roof of the house and ensure that it is in good condition.

If you want to buy a house with Codes violations, then Real Estate Solutions Company can be your best solution. If you want to sell a house with code violations, then we believe we can help you and will work with you. We at Real Estate Solutions Company, ensure to get rid of any possible issues that may arise in the future. We always keep an eye on the condition of the house evenif you do not live in it. This will allow you to see whether or not the house is in the same condition as when you are there or not.

What Type Of Homes Do We Buy?










   Structural issues


    Bad Area


   Code Violations




    Bad Tenants

   Bad mortgage



  Trouble Selling 

   Behind Payments

   Owe Taxes

   Job loss

   No Equity

   Large repairs


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